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Tanzania 2015 Trip

Early morning blog

Mari Beth Poor

It's 2:45am here in Morogoro, and I am having a bit of trouble sleeping soooooo I thought I would let everyone know officially that we are here. After several long days of travel and a detour to Istanbul, we are ready to get to work in just a few hours). To all of you who know James Kopwe- he picked us up from the airport, and I gave him a Mountaintop hug from all of you who asked me to pass one on! He is doing well and has worked hard to organize our trip. Today, we will be traveling to a nearby village to do a medical clinic and an eye clinic. We will also be doing a children's VBS with a local school. I will be posting pics and maybe a video at the end of the day. Let's just say that in the video, you need to look for a lion......Talk to you soon.