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Tanzania 2015 Trip

Morogoro Memories

Mari Beth Poor

Hey everyone! Did you miss your daily blog yesterday?? I am sure you are nodding yes right now. :) The internet was down last night, so I couldn't write. Thankfully it is back up and running tonight! I am sitting here with the fantastic team eating dinner, and since you have heard from me a lot over the last few days, I wanted you to hear from them. I think the pictures below will show you just how amazing the last 2 days in Morogoro have been. So, here's the dealio- each team member is sharing their joy(s) over the last 2 days, and we are sharing some prayer requests at the end. We love and miss you all. The only hard part about making fun memories is not having the others that we love here to share in them. So, happy reading and happy looking. Oh, and tomorrow morning we leave Morogoro early to head off to Arusha. Thanks for joining us on this journey. Talk to ya soon.

Joy #1: The people in the Morogoro church welcomed us yesterday with songs- loved hearing them worship!
Joy #2: She enjoyed learning how to cook a traditional meal with the women in the church.

Joy: Being able to accomplish what we came to accomplish (he is teasing me because I typed exactly what he said (love our team lawyer!), so I told him I would interpret his words to mean that he loved watching people get seen in the medical/eye clinic and watching children being loved on through games/songs/hugs

Joy: We took bubbles to play with the kids, and when we left they made their OWN bubble wand with a stick and found a jug to pour soapy water in!! No Walmart necessary.

Joy #1- Loved the opening worship in the church. The people have BEAUTIFUL voices!!
Joy #2- We got more organized in the medical clinic today and were able to see and help even more people.

Joy- Loved singing "Hokey Pokey" with the children (you wouldn't believe how cute that is!)

Joy- Enjoyed helping with the pharmacy and dispensing meds so sick people could feel better.

Joy #1- Meeting Pastor Kassim (the pastor of the church we went to) and hearing his story
Joy #2- Seeing Pastor Kassim's church that Mountaintop helped build! Pastor Kassim was meeting in a hut and now has a building.

Joy- She loved helping a woman who thought she may never able to have children, but the meds Dr. Kay is sending her will hopefully enable her to conceive. PRAISE!

Joy- Meeting 3 young women who were excited to learn more about Jesus.

Joy- Sylvia was super sleepy and ended up skipping dinner to catch some zz's so I will tell you that Sylvia was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G yesterday in the eye clinic. She literally gave sight to the blind as people who could not see were able to see once they had glasses.

Joy- Having a chance to sit down with 7 rural pastors and encourage them. We ended up doing a Bible study "session" together, and it was fun to see their eyes opened to new ways to teach.

Team Prayer Requests:
1) Safe travel and good health
2) More opportunities to meet spiritual as well as physical needs
3) Good weather- which may seem minor but rain=bad roads=near impossibility to get into villages


The people of Morogoro and Pastor Kassim. Mountaintoppers, you helped build his church building with your generous tithes!

The people of Morogoro and Pastor Kassim. Mountaintoppers, you helped build his church building with your generous tithes!

The kids LOVED the beach ball!!!

The kids LOVED the beach ball!!!

Dr. Kay treating sweet Nora- our team loved Nora!

Dr. Kay treating sweet Nora- our team loved Nora!

Saying goodbye

Saying goodbye